Necklace made from porcelain, ceramic pigments and stainless steel.  Year: 2019

(Sculpture On top) Materials: ceramic, fibers, paper pulp and wood. Year: 2014



Ceramic, fibers, paper pulp and wood. Year: 2014

Earrings made from Porcelain, Silver and oxides. Year 2021



For my series Frameworks I took sustainability as the theme. I’ve made a frame of silver to protect the porcelain combined with silicone rubber holding the porcelain in place. This framework design allowed me to work without restrictions in shaping the porcelain and protecting the porcelain from ever breaking.


The materials are RVS Stainless Steel and Stoneware Ceramic. 

The Size of a single ceramic part is approximately Ø 3-5 mm x width 0,5-1,8 mm. The Size of one Earring is Ø 0,8 x 5 cm hight.


Material: Porcelain, Ceramic pigments, Stainless steel, Silver.

Technique: All the individual jewelry items are one of a kind. The porcelain parts are all shaped by hand, fired and sanded. Year: 2019


The necklaces is part of a small series named Gather or Collect. Within the common theme of this series all the individual jewelry items are one of a kind. The porcelain parts are all shaped by hand, fired and sanded and lock I made specifically to fit this design. 

Materials: Porcelain, Ceramic pigments, Stainless steel. Year: 2019

The From Color Jewelry Collection is a celebration all about timeless materials, craftsmanship, design and of course colors. Every item in this collection tells its own individual story with a one of a kind pattern and color palette.

The materials are porcelain, ceramic pigment’s, oxides and stainless steel.


Materials: porcelain, oxidized silver, silicone rubber. Size: 102 x 16 x 16 mm each.

Making the WIRED jewelry all comes down to timing and perfect consistency of the porcelain. The design speaks for itself: no item is the same or can be repeated.

The materials are 925 silver combined with porcelain. The size of one earring is approximately length 4 cm x width 2 cm. You are welcome to contact me for personal wishes, such as red, yellow or white gold.

Hanging ceramic sculptures